Treatment Philosophy


Mattingly and Howell Orthodontics is a conservative, non-extraction oriented practice. This means that we prefer to treat patients without having permanent teeth removed to correct crowding whenever possible. We feel that there are advantages in aesthetics and function when borderline crowded cases are treated without extractions. It is sometimes necessary and even beneficial to extract as many as four permanent teeth. Yet, our treatment mechanics ensure that we will only have to request that permanent teeth be extracted in a small percentage of our patients.

Often parents remark that orthodontics seems to be started at an earlier age these days than in the past. Early or interceptive treatment is initiated when obvious problems display themselves upon eruption of the initial permanent teeth. Usually, this treatment is fairly limited in scope as it is intended to improve an individual problem, which if unaddressed would cause greater problems to occur during the time that the remaining permanent teeth are erupting. This interceptive phase of treatment not only improves the existing problem but also establishes a more normal environment for the eruption of the other permanent teeth. Occasionally, this early treatment may be the only treatment needed, but typically a second, comprehensive phase of treatment is needed once all the permanent teeth erupt. We feel strongly that early treatment should be reserved for only the most severe problems and typically allow minor discrepancies at a young age to go untreated until all the teeth have erupted.

Braces are very familiar to most teens and are no longer associated with a social stigma. We offer a variety of options to suit your needs. The braces themselves come in silver, gold or clear. Of course, we utilize many of the popular colored ties, which attach the wire into the braces. Many patients can be treated well with the Invisalign® system and our office is well versed in this treatment option, as we have treated over 300 patients with Invisalign. This clear aligner system is almost invisible and provides excellent esthetics during treatment. Additionally, having great oral hygiene is much easier because the aligners are removed during brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, the Invisalign system does not provide results which are comparable to traditional braces in some cases. Should this be the situation, we will discuss the pros and cons of utilizing Invisalign versus braces and you can decide which option best fits your needs. Alternatively, some patients prefer to be treated with braces which are attached to the back sides of the teeth (lingual braces). This option affords the ultimate in esthetics combined with the advantages of braces, but is also not appropriate for all patients' treatment needs. Please feel free to discuss these options with the doctors at the New Patient Examination appointment should you be interested in pursuing either treatment option. We also utilize expansion and functional appliances which are totally inside the mouth and much less noticeable than headgear-type appliances. Occasionally, headgears are necessary, but we never ask that they be worn in public!

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