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Keeping Patients Healthy

Coronavirus Warning


Your Health and Safety are our priority:

We are incorporating the following into our routine:

  • Being extra careful with our hand hygiene and personal protective equipment
  • Reducing the number of staff in direct contact with you
  • Asking our staff to take sick leave even for a common cold

We would appreciate it if you could assist us by:

  • Minimizing the number of people attending the appointment e.g additional siblings or friends or anyone not required in the treatment area
  • Reducing any unnecessary appointments
  • Rescheduling an appointment when you are UNWELL even if it is just a cold. We will take this into consideration and provide the soonest available appointment once you are well again.

If you have traveled abroad in the last 14 days or been in close contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus please check the cdc.gov website for the latest COVID-19 travel advice. You may need to call 1 800-232-4636 for further advice before making or attending your appointment.

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As a team, we commit to standardize all infection control and personal protective protocols and to avoid cross-contamination of any virus, to us and our patients.

Please let us know if you or a family member has travelled abroad in the last 3 weeks.


Keeping Patients Healthy

Coronavirus Warning


With patient and team member’s safety in mind, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend our in-office visits except for emergency situations. Over the coming days, we will be rolling out exciting virtual dental monitoring solutions that will allow us to best serve our patients during this time.

If you have a current or near-term appointment, there is no need to contact our office directly, we will be reaching out to you over the coming days to reschedule.

Thanks in advance for your understanding


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