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Invisalign® for children

Powerful but gentle for younger smiles

Invisalign® treatment is designed for developing smiles. Early treatment helps your child’s teeth grow in the ideal position - and it may prevent the need for intensive orthodontic treatment in your child's teenage years!

What is Invisalign® for children?

Invisalign® First is an Invisalign® treatment customized for children ages 6-10. Like our other clear aligner options, these are virtually invisible and tailored to fit their mouth. But Invisalign® First is specifically designed to help your child make room for current and incoming teeth.

What is Invisalign® for children?

Why early treatment?

Early orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® First:

  • May help treat issues as they arise - and before they get worse
  • Could protect their teeth from decay or severe misalignments
  • Can be a great introduction to a healthy oral hygiene routine
  • Could reduce - or eliminate - the need for braces in the future
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Louisville’s Diamond Invisalign® Providers

We successfully treat over 600 smiles a year with Invisalign® clear aligners and pride ourselves on using only the latest technology. More importantly, though, we love what we do and ensure each child’s experience is as comfortable as possible.

Louisville’s Diamond Invisalign® Providers

Track your child’s Invisalign® treatment remotely

We know that safety is a huge concern, especially for parents. Every opportunity there is to stay safe at home and socially-distance is crucial to protect their children. With the revolutionary Dental Monitoring app, we can monitor your child’s progress from the comfort of your home! All you need to do is send us their weekly selfie.

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Set your child’s smile up for success

Our friendly and talented team would be happy to help you see if Invisalign® First can benefit your child. Book a free no-obligation consultation at one of our convenient locations in Louisville today.

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Set your child’s smile up for success