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The most important step in your orthodontic journey is making sure the results last! After we reveal your newly-straightened smile, we will provide custom retainers to ensure your teeth stay put and you keep your beautiful results for years to come.

Types of retainers

Mattingly & Howell Orthodontics offers two types of custom retainers:

  • Fixed retainers: Very thin metal wires that are permanently bonded across the inside of your teeth toward the gums, where they aren’t noticed or visible.
  • Essix retainers: Completely removable options that look similar to Invisalign® clear aligners. These are made of high-quality, flexible plastic that’s custom made for you.
Types of retainers

How to take care of your retainer

Your retainers help you take care of your orthodontic results - so it’s important to help take care of them! Here are our quick tips:

  • Wear them regularly, as advised. This may be during the day right after treatment, but eventually will just be at night.
  • Don’t bite or chew them. This may deform the shape and impact the fit of your retainers.
  • Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures. Very high heat may melt the plastic, while extreme cold may promote cracks.
  • Clean them regularly. Each time you take your retainers out, it’s a good idea to gently brush them with toothpaste and warm water.
  • Store them in their case. When you take out your retainers for sports, meals, brushing or flossing - immediately stow them in their plastic case (after brushing them, of course!)

Important: If you’ve lost your retainer, please contact us immediately so we can help you replace it ASAP. If too much time passes, your teeth may begin to move back into their old positions.

How to take care of your retainer

Have more questions about retainer care?

Whether you’re interested in exploring smile straightening solutions or have questions about your retainers, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at Mattingly & Howell Orthodontics.

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Have more questions about retainer care?