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What our patients say

We are proud to have been a part of transforming the lives of so many of our patients. Here is what some have had to say about their experience with our staff and doctors at Mattingly & Howell Orthodontics, PSC.

You’re doing a SUPER FANTASTIC job! Keep up the great work!

Jennifer Graham

Always accommodating when problems arose, and appointments were always on time.

Jessica Smith

Excellent treatment by doctors and staff. They do a great job, and they go above and beyond. Thanks so much for everything.

Heather DiEnno

Your practice was recommended to me by my stepdaughter who recalled her own experience at your office as "superb". In my treatment over the last year, just as my stepdaughter chanted, everyone I came in contact with made me feel comfortable, acted courteously and compassionately. I commend your outstanding team for the care that I was given. I would not hesitate to recommend Mattingly & Howell Orthodontics, PSC to colleagues and friends.

Lauren Hicks

From the beginning to the end, I cannot think of one thing that hasn't been excellent! Your office is greatly efficient and your staff is great x 100. Thanks for everything!

Cindy Daugherty

The treatment and positive atmosphere created for both of my children was more than appreciated. I highly recommend this office to everyone I talk to. You’re all wonderful!

Michelle Simpson

You all have made this experience so much easier than my own orthodontic experience as a teen. I am so happy that all three of my children were able to have a pleasant experience. Your entire staff are caring and compassionate and almost make having braces FUN!

Missy Hamilton

The doctors and staff were totally committed throughout the extensive six years of treatment and complicated care of my son's teeth!

Lauren Hardesty

You all ROCK! The confidence you gave my daughter to smile, it lights up the room.

Clarice Norris

I think you all do a terrific job. You have given all 3 of my kids a Beautiful Smile. Just seeing the difference and watching my daughter grow and become more confident has been the most rewarding part of the treatment.

Deanna Spalding

I have made the statement many times that if all doctor offices were as efficient as yours, the world would be a much better place. All staff are super friendly and helpful.

Penny Bradley

Working with the doctors and staff and all the laughs over the various "adventures" that occurred during the treatment has been a wonderful experience

Mary Dillon

I am so happy with my teeth and I have really enjoyed meeting and being worked on by your wonderful staff. I am going to miss seeing you all every month.

Wm. L. Marrett Jr.

All 3 children of my children have had braces through this office and it is the best service. I recommend it to everyone!

Jennifer Bunch

Mattingly and Howell Orthodontics, PSC has a very welcoming atmosphere and no hassle appointments. Perfect Job!

Kim Downs

Knowing that your entire staff truly cares about my children and their orthodontic needs has made it a great experience. Also the smiles in your office are contagious and both my kids and I felt very comfortable about coming to your office. It has truly been a pleasure.

Dianne Brinkman

The most rewarding part of treatment has been the fact that everyone cared about my son. Very positive and personal care

Susan Gordon

We appreciated the doctors working with us and presenting several options for my son’s treatment. We received positive results

Laura Wolz

From beginning of treatment to end has been handled with warmth, compassion, friendliness, caring enthusiasm, laughter, integrity, competence... and smiles.

Sharon Geary

It’s the most professional, courteous, well managed office I've ever visited.

Mary Ann Downs

The doctors and staff treat you like family; you all are the best!

Crystal Brady

Our appointments were always on time, the staff was always friendly and helpful, and the doctors are very professional and caring. Best of all, my daughter's teeth are beautiful! Thanks so much!

Kim Brumfield

Awesome service, beautiful results! The best work on my child's teeth is the most rewarding part of it all and well worth the cost.

Andrea Drees

Thank you, Dr. Mattingly and Dr. Howell. I would also like to thank your wonderful staff. Seeing my son smile with confidence is so rewarding.

Dawn Croan

The end result of a happy young lady with beautiful teeth was the most rewarding part of our treatment. She was very comfortable and trusted your staff completely.

Elizabeth Kolb

I really appreciate the kindness and just being around great people. Thank you.

Paula Clark

Your office far exceeded any other orthodontic experience we had in the past.

Chris Green

Getting to know the doctors and staff was great. Your office should be a prototype for all service-oriented professions. It's been a pleasure in every aspect!

Lucia Guthrie

I am finally able to smile and not be embarrassed by my teeth.

Theresa Newton

Everyone is so friendly and goes out of their way to help.

Laura Willett

The personal care given by not only the doctors, but every one of the staff, was so rewarding. We felt as if we were part of the family.

Sandra Dennison

I think you all do an excellent job on all aspects of service.

Lynda Wicker

You all made a dreaded experience bearable and affordable for my children.

Tammy Pate

I appreciated the thorough evaluation by Drs. Mattingly and Howell, and the instructions on the final day. The receptionists were very courteous.

Christina Clifford

We loved being able to talk with the doctors and staff like they were our family.

Kay Hillard

Everyone is so polite, and our family enjoyed the time with the great doctors and staff.

Diana Sallee

I can think of no better way to serve us. You have early appointments, late appointments and try to accommodate in every way. The results of my sons treatment is definitely the most rewarding. However, I think just as rewarding has been the relationships built with the doctors and your wonderful staff. Everyone is so kind and friendly and go out of their way to make you feel special and cared for yet maintaining a professional relationship as well as personal. We just can't say enough good things about you all. We love you guys!

Susan Johnson

We love the entire office staff at Mattingly and Howell Orthodontics, PSC!! You all are the best! Terrific experience in every way. Fantastic results. Keep on doing what you are doing.

Kym Haick

Our experience was perfect! Everyone was so wonderful. The staff was the friendliest of any office I have dealt with. Thank you for your kindness. We will miss you all.

Cindy Shelton

Thorough treatment, very detailed care, quite pleased!

Cathy Bosemer

The overall experience has been rewarding. Everyone, doctors and staff, are very friendly, considerate and caring. I never arrived or left feeling uncomfortable in any way. Keep up the fantastic work!

Teresa Tabler

Compared to other healthcare providers we see, this office is the most efficient, well organized operation we have encountered. I appreciate the knowledgeable staff.

Keith Miller

You are doing everything right. We returned to this practice because of the excellent care and results of our daughter's treatment

Judy Allender

I loved the atmosphere and service, also getting to know the staff but most of all I loved my final results. Thanks all.

Brooke Stillwell

I think that if you continue to serve and treat patients and families the way you do that this office will be around for a long time. :)

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