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Types of conventional braces

Conventional braces are suitable for all patients, from children and teens to adults. At Mattingly and Howell Orthodontics, PSC, we use metal, clear and lingual braces to benefit our patients. We’ll discuss the best treatment option for you at your initial consultation.

Metal braces

Traditional metal braces have been used to straighten teeth for decades. They are still an incredibly effective method of orthodontic treatment and are the most common type of braces.

Metal braces are made of high-quality, durable stainless steel. The brackets, which are bonded to the front of each tooth, are connected by the archwire, which helps guide the teeth into the correct positions. Today, technology has made the materials in metal braces lighter and smaller than ever before. For a personal touch, you can choose from a variety of colored bands and change your band color at any appointment.

Metal braces

Benefits of metal braces

  • Tried and true method
  • Great results
  • Suitable for major and minor orthodontic problems
  • Suitable for children, teens and adults
  • Achieve straight teeth that last a lifetime (with the use of retainers)

Metal braces

Clear braces

This discreet treatment option means patients can enjoy the benefits of traditional metal braces with a more natural coloring.

Clear or ceramic brackets are made of composite materials. They are very strong and generally do not stain. Adults like to choose clear braces because they "blend in" with the teeth and are less noticeable than metal.

The ligatures (tiny rubber bands) that hold the archwire on to the ceramic brackets are often white or clear. Note that the ligatures are changed each time you get an adjustment - usually, monthly.

Clear braces are different from Invisalign clear aligners. Clear aligners are pieces of hard plastic that are designed to fit into your mouth like a mouthguard, whereas clear braces use the same system as traditional metal braces.

Clear braces

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