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Orthodontic technologies

Here at Mattingly & Howell Orthodontics, PSC, we are passionate about improving treatment experience and results for our patients through the use of new technologies. We are proud to use a number of different orthodontic offerings to benefit those who come to enhance their smile with us.

iTero Digital
Impression System

The iTero™ digital scanner is used in conjunction with any orthodontic treatment but most commonly with Invisalign. It replaces the need for traditional impressions with computerized 3D digital scanning.

Our patients enjoy the iTero™ system because there is no need for taking traditional impressions which may cause gagging in some patients. Instead, with the digital scanning system, this precise 3D image ensures the highest quality replication of the mouth for better treatment planning and best appliance fit. Because impressions are digital and can be submitted directly to Invisalign, it shortens the time patients must wait to begin the process of creating that beautiful smile.

iTero Digital Impression System


Once your braces are removed, you’ll move into the retention stage of your treatment. Maintaining the results you’ve achieved during the treatment phase is key to the success of the entire orthodontic process. Your retention phase will last for a minimum of 24 months. Your final orthodontic result depends on your retainers, so follow through with the hard work you've put in so far. Types of retainers include:

Fixed retainers: Bonded lingual retainers are cemented directly to the inside surface of your lower canines (eye teeth).

Essix retainer: The Essix retainer is a clear removable retainer that fits over the entire arch of teeth.

Mattingly and Howell Orthodontics, PSC offers a free initial consultation for anyone who would like to learn more about taking advantage of these revolutionary technologies.


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